Sellers of real estate today have many options and face many possible obstacles.  Some of these could be as minor as inconveniences of scheduling or as major as legal obligations that, if handled incorrectly, could cost you thousands of dollars.  Maybe more!  

As real estate professionals, we are in the best position to market your property for all it is worth, and handle your transaction for you while you are going about your busy day.  We are marketing for you around the clock.  Our agents respond timely to calls or emails about your property and are polite and professional with every potential buyer. 

Our 100% excellent rating from our past clients and customers says a lot about what you can expect!  We have NO INTENTION on lowering that percentage!

We at BOMIC Real Estate are here to HELP YOU get the highest possible price for your property in the quickest time and with the least amount of inconvenience! 

We will save you time, money, and frustration!  You will be able to work with one professional that is truly working with your best interests in mind!  Doesn't that sound like a more enjoyable experience?

Put our 30 plus years of experience to work FOR YOU!  We know what we are doing, are here to help, care about our clients (now and in the future), and are pretty nice people, too. Seriously, we would greatly appreciate the opportunity to help you and your family with all of their real estate needs.  

Call today and discover the difference! 

We can promise you one thing, you will be glad you did.

To schedule a FREE APPOINTMENT with one of our agents with NO OBLIGATION, please click below.  Thank you again for your consideration!
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